Friday, February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018

Hand made (happy) notebooks

Attention : Notebook addict ! I have tons and tons of these objects. Always colourful, always happy. And sometimes (often) with cats on their covers. Or birds. Or unicorn. And some other tiny cute fluffy beasts. That being said, I wanted something different. Something unique, that I couldn't find in a store. Something that would help and challenge me. So I decided to take a step forward, and create this one of a kind happy sparkling notebook. I used all sort of different papers: watercolour paper, glossy paper, colour paper, and even a page from an old music schoolbook. All sewn together nicely. I cannot wait to fill them with lots of happy doodles !    

After cutting the pages at the desired length, I had all these leftover pieces of paper. So I decided to craft a second notebook, the baby brother happy notebook.

February 23, 2018

Letters from 2017 - Vol 3

February 23, 2018

Letters from 2017 - Vol 2

February 23, 2018

Letters from 2017 - Vol 1

In 2017, I started pen-palling with Ana from Romania and Tatiana from Russia. Here are some of the letters I sent to them.

Unfortunately this first one got lost on its way from France to Romania :(

The second one reached its destination, just in time for Easter ;)

And finally, a third one arrived in Romania in late September, carrying some leftover sunshine :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 01, 2018

The Beginning

I started blogging when I was in high school. Of course that affirmation means nothing today since there are millions of teen blogs out there, in the wild will west of the internet. But my high school years are from a far far away galaxy where in order to connect to the internet you had a funny little box called a modem, which made squeaky noises and which used a land phone line. This was an era one might call "pregooglia", a time without google, without maps, without gmail, blogs, smartphones, responsive websites and all the things that are now controlling our lives omnipresent in our lives.

So this was in the good old days when yahoo was king of the jungle and it had launched a sort of blogging and sharing platform called 360. Imagine facebook with some google sparkles, all set in a CSS1 & HTML only world, and taking like forever to fully load (those guys held the ultimate truth in their hands, but unfortunately they were way ahead of their time). So, back to my original point, I started blogging before it was cool.

After 360 I switched to blogger, then to wordpress, created a facebook page, then another, then another and so on ... In the last ten years I have created and wrote on more that ten different blogs, on different platforms and on various topics. Mainly art and photography, but also motherhood, society, and even considered having a coding blog, since that is what I do for a living. All these attempts at fame, glory and celebrity blogging have failed miserably, one after the other.

The problem was that each blog I had focused on a main topic. Like art. Or motherhood. And I was constantly finding myself in a situation where I wanted to write about something and that something didn't fit in the main topic of my blog. So I started a new one. And a new one. And a new one. And then I found myself scattered between all these blogs with less than ten articles each, but each having a facebook page, a twitter account, and a few followers which rapidly lost interest.

And each time I said to myself that I must find the right topic and open the right blog and stick to it. But as I found out, this is quite impossible. Because I am not a single topic kind a girl. I write, read, draw, paint, knit, sew, take photographs, grow cats and vegetables in my back yard, exercise, have pen pals, do mail and stamp art, code beautiful and functional websites and mobile applications, and still manage to have eight hours of sleep each night and play with my kid. I don't cook, however.

The second problem was the language of all these blogging-attempts. Since English is not my first language, I naturally wrote my blogs in my mother tongue. Except that this prevented me from sharing them with people who did not speak this language. So then I started doing bilingual articles. Which came with its own pack of headaches: which language should I put first, bilingual titles are so long, bilingual statuses often get truncated when shared on different media, answering comments was also a tricky task and switching languages on the same comment thread made it barely readable. And to make things worse, a decade ago I moved to another country and started blogging in a third language as an exercise.

So here I am today, back to square one. But with (almost) all my lessons learned. So this is my spot, to paraphrase Sheldon Cooper. My very own place that resembles my never boring life, my forever search for stars and sparkles, my love of colour, my ever-changing hobbies, my affection for words and images. And maybe this time I will manage to write more than ten articles 😛 

So welcome to my (colourful) world 💛